You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Kerr's Automotive:

Great Service! Angie answers your questions and investigates as needed. A trusted auto repair shop.

Mary Jan P.

The first time I had my car done, I was new to the area and I went on a trip while my car was being repaired. I asked them to deliver my car to my home to make it look as though someone was home. They did not know me from Adam, but they complied without hesitating. The price for the work was spot on. I will always go back!

Boyd M.

Kerr's Auto ALWAYS takes care of me! Great people! They're honest business owners that look out for the customer's best interest and not just their wallets. Recent experience, unknowingly got a busted transmission from a yard and brought it to Kerr's. Instead of installing the bad part, they refused to, said they could but in good conscience wouldn't. Angie found me a better transmission to boot the same day. They saved me the expense of getting the job done twice or just having to replace the vehicle. I'm very grateful someone brought me to Kerr's. Definitely a customer for life. Thanks! P.S. They have Twinkies! ^_^

Tieger D.

Great Service as Always!! Kerr's is the Best Car Mechanic in the Mahoning Valley.

Jeff B.